Sandra Lerner


Gallery Talk by Sandra Lerner: Harvard University, 2017, Creative Flux Series

Produced by Dean Dacian

Influences & Inspiration behind her Creative Flux Series, Gutman Gallery, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2017

"Creative Flux" paintings, June Kelly Gallery, SoHo, NY, 2015

Videos by Anothony Farina

LAND (大地 1991): Eiko & Koma's multi-diciplinary collaboration from Eiko and Koma.

The Retrospective Project Video Archive #18. Excerpt.

Premiering in 1991 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Next Wave Festival, LAND was a collaboration among Eiko & Koma, painter Sandra Lerner, musician and composer Robert Mirabal, and drummer Reynold Lujan. During the performance, Mirabal played his commissioned score live with Lujan. Eiko & Koma's sons, Yuta and Shin, also performed in the production. Set was designed and executed by Sandra Lerner. Support provided by the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission, the Sezon Foundation and the Asian Cultural Council made it possible for Eiko & Koma to present LAND at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Hiroshima, Japan.

This short excerpt was taken from a full length video archive produced by Inta Inc. with assistance from the University of Wisconsin. Shot and edited by Douglas Rosenberg for the occasion of Eiko & Koma's performance at University of Wisconsin. The full length video is available through the American Dance Festival.